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panel lamps
Panel Lamp Construction ~
A 2-day (8-12 hours) Course
Lesson One:
Profit fit within panel jig
Beveling edges
Initial foiling of all pieces
Exterior vs. interior seams: beading
Selection of foil & patina
Copper foiling technique refresher
Lesson Two:  Assembly
Assembling panels into lamp
Beading all seams
Reinforcement of edges
Flux removers & washing
Patina project
Polish project
Signing the finished project
Prerequisites: Familiarity with cutting glass within a pattern & basic soldering skills ~ This is an intermediate level foil class, which requires basic glass skills and soldering experience.
Course runs two consecutive weeks (or as close as possible), one day per week, four hours per session, generally Saturday 10 a.m. - 2 p.m., in the studio (1501 Adeline, Suite 3
Maximum class size is 5 people.
Cost is $125 per person, which does not include supplies or equipment! Expect about $40 additional for supplies depending on project selected; student should have basic glass tools
This is a class in panel lamp construction, and it will focus primarily on the specifics of lamp assembly. Depending on design selected, extensive copper foiling may be required.
Prior to the first class meeting, the student must come in to the Studio and select pattern and glass. Due to limited time constraints, the pattern must be approved by the instructor.
Also prior to the first class meeting, the student is encouraged to have at least one panel -- and preferably all -- completely cut out.
There will be homework for each session; students will have access to all shop tools and equipment throughout the duration of the classes, during normal shop hours. Additional shop time can be arranged at a cost of $15 per studio hour.
Students will receive a more specific hand-out upon enrollment.
Students receive a 10% discount on all shop purchases during the course. Please note, however, this discount cannot be applied to any items on consignment.
Lamps make wonderful gifts.  For more information, please contact us.
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