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Looking for a fused glass class, but can't seem to make it to the sessions offered at Seraphim Studios?  Want just a little help, but not hands on assistance from a staff member? Well, there may be an option that will fit you perfectly:   Bullseye, long-time manufacturer of COE 90 glass for fusing and torch work, now offers a series of online classes covering a wide range of fusing and warm glass issues.

Called "Bullseye"s Kiln-Glass Education Online, this annual subscription program aims to inspire kiln-glass makers everywhere, by helping them to build foundational skills, acquire new techniques, and discover new forms and projects. Lessons are short (only 10-15 minutes each), and each is designed by Bullseye instructors. Lessons are appropriate for everyone from beginners to advanced kilnformers.

Here is the basic information about the program: 

  • A 12-month subscription is $39.
  • Bullseye promises to add 12 new videos every year.
  • Your subscription gives you access to Bullseye complete library of video lessons – over 50 so far with more to come!
  • Lessons can be viewed as often as you like, at any time, from any location with Internet access. (Note: Lessons are not downloadable.)
  • Each lesson includes downloadable firing schedules, product lists, and helpful links. There's also a discussion area for connecting with other subscribers.

So, if you think you might be interested, check it out by following this link:     bullseye

But don't forget to come see us, and show us what you have learned! And, if there is a topic you don't see, let us know ~ if we can't help you with it, perhaps we can get the folks at Bullseye to feature it in a future lesson!

Spectrum Glass Company has been adding glasses to its production inventory at a rapid rate over the past several years. Unfortunately, this year, the company has also DISCONTINUED quite a few colors, including the following:
  • 281-71SF ~ System 96, Stone Opal
  • 403.96SF ~ System 96, Cobalt on Clear wispy
  • 693.74SF ~ System 96, Pink & aqua crystal
  • OA/244.54SF ~ System 96, Orchid Opal Art
  • BR 604.1 ~ Baroque, pale purple & clear on white
  • 6029.83CC ~ Spring Corsica/pearl Opal
  • AA/100QR ~ Clear, quarter reeded, architectural sheet size
  • AA/100RW ~ Clear, rainwater, architectural sheet size
  • I/100V ~ Clear, Vechio, iridized 
  • I/100QR ~ Clear, quarter reeded, iridized
  • 389.1s ~ Quartz pink, wispy
  • 190.1W ~ Quartz pink waterglass
  • 395.1 ~ Pink & white streaky

We  do have some of these colors on hand in limited supply. However, when they are gone, they will be gone ~ so plan your projects accordingly.

Also from Spectrum/Skutt, the HotStart PRO kiln has undergone a price increase. This is a good size kiln for most projects ~ we use ours in the studio often ~ and will run on household current. The price has been kept constant by the manufacturer (Skutt) for several years, but they have announced a new price of $857 (delivered by UPS).  The kiln comes with its basic kiln furniture (shelf & stand), and a selection of free System 96 glass.
Below are some sites that you might find of interest in your stained glass adventure!
(Click on logo to go to web site)

Dragonfly Software: Software and Designs for Stained Glass

Dragonfly Software: Software and Designs for Stained Glass

SG Directory - Information about art, leaded and stained glass

SG Directory - Information about art, leaded and stained glass.
Glass Art Society
The Glass Art Society's members are glass artists, students, educators, collectors, gallery owners, museum personnel, writers and critics, manufacturers/suppliers - anyone interested in glass art.
CKE logo
Since 1985, CKE has supplied the art glass industry with books and patterns from talented glass designers around the world.
The Stained Glass Association of America is a 100-year-old trade organization whose purpose is to function as a publicly recognized organization of distinction and to conduct its affairs in a manner that will reflect credit upon its image and craft; to maintain within its membership the highest possible standards for excellence in craftsmanship, integrity, and business practices; to advance the awareness, understanding, appreciation, and potentialities of its craft and its organization; to enact programs for the benefit of its craft; to assure survival of its craft by offering proper guidelines, instruction and training to craftspersons; to defend and protect its craft against unwarranted regulations restricting its freedom as an architectural art form

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